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Complete this schedule by estimating the average monthly expenses of the debtor and the debtor’s family.  Pro rate any payments made bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to show monthly rate.


______  Indicate if a joint petition is filed and debtor’s spouse maintains a separate household.  Complete a separate schedule of expenditures labeled “Spouse.”


Rent/Home Mortgage Payment (include lot rented for mobile home)      $_________


Real Estate Taxes                                                                                             $_________


Property Insurance                                                                                           $_________


Utilities                                                                                                 $_________


Home Maintenance                                                                                           $_________


Food                                                                                                                $_________


Clothing                                                                                                            $_________


Laundry/Dry Cleaning                                                                           $_________


Medical/Dental Expenses                                                                                  $_________


Transportation                                                                                                  $_________


Recreation, Entertainment, etc.                                                              $_________


Insurance                                                                                                          $_________


Taxes (Specify:  _________________)                                                            $_________


Installments Payments                                                                           $_________


Alimony, Support Paid to Others, etc                                                                $_________


Payments for additional dependents support not living at your home       $_________


Regular expenses from the operation of business, farm, etc.                               $_________


Other  __________________________________                                         $_________

TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES (Report on Summary of Schedules) $_________



For Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Debtors Only

Provide the information requested below, including whether plan payments are to be made bi-weekly, monthly, annually, or at some other regular interval.


1.     Total projected monthly income                                                                  $_________


1.     Total projected monthly expenses                                                   $_________


1.     Excess income (1 minus 2)                                                              $_________


1.     Total amount to be paid into each plan _____________________ $_________



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