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On _______________ (Date), _____________________, the ________________ (Father/Mother) of _______________________, a minor ___________ (Male/Female) child, relinquished custody of said child to the _______________________________ (Name of Agency) located at ______________________________________________ (Address), in order that the above-named agency might place __________ (Him/Her) with suitable adoptive parents.


The ______________________ (Name of Agency) and ________________________, the ______________ (Father/Mother) of _______________________, the minor ___________ (Male/Female) child, now desire to revoke the agreement relinquishing custody of the child.


Thereupon, both parties consent to revoke the agreement to relinquish custody of the above-named minor child and to declare the agreement to be void and of no further effect.


_______________________________________                                 _________________

Signature of Parent                                                                                                          Date


______________ (Father/ Mother) of _________________________ (Name of Child)


____________________________________________ (Name and Address of Agency)


_________________________________________                            _________________

Signature and Title of Agency Official                                                         Date

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