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On ____________________, agreement was entered into by ______________________

residing at _________________________________, and ________________________

residing at _____________________________________________________________


A. _____________________ is the owner of property in _________________________

described as ___________________________________________________________.

B. ______________________ is the owner of property in ________________________

that borders the property described above, owned by ____________________________, and described as ________________________________________________________.

C. A tree or shrub on the property of _______________________________ infringes upon the property of _____________________________ described as ___________________ ____________________________________________________, by ________ inches.

________________________________ agrees that the infringing trees or shrubs owned by __________________________________ has the right to extend beyond the property line.


This agreement will hold true for all successors of both above-described lots.

Upon the elimination of the infringing tree or shrub, this agreement will terminate.



_________________________________________                 ____________________

Signature                                                                                     Date

_________________________________________                 ____________________

Witness                                                                                       Date

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