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With the signature below, I hereby acknowledge receipt of the key(s) to the dwelling

located at:  ___________________________________________________________.


I intend to use the key(s) for the express purpose of viewing the dwelling to decide if it is suitable for me to rent, and I will neither disturb nor remove anything found there.  As a courtesy, I will report to the owner/manager anything that appears to be amiss at the dwelling.


I have given the owner/manager, whose acknowledgment appears below, a deposit of $___________, and also a valuable personal item consisting of ___________________

_______________, both of which will be returned to me when I return the key(s).


I promise to return the key(s) by _______ (a.m.) (p.m.) TODAY to the owner/manager at the same place where I picked them up.  Should I fail to do so, the owner/manager is entitled to keep the deposit to pay for changing the locks on the dwelling but will return my valuable personal item to me when asked.


I understand that this agreement gives me no occupancy rights whatsoever and that I must complete a rental application if I want to be considered as an applicant to rent this dwelling.









Current Telephone Number:                          Date and Time:

______ -  ______ - _______                      ________________________


Current Address:




Acknowledged by:  ____________________________________(    ) Owner  (    ) Manager



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