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The following is submitted to the court by Agreement of ________________________ (Name), hereinafter referred to as Mother, and __________________________ (Name) hereinafter referred to as Father, as a proposed plan for the sharing of custodial and child care responsibilities and describing custodial and visitation residential periods under _______________________ (Applicable Statute).  The terms of the parties' Joint Parenting Agreement, which will be incorporated into a subsequent Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage determining custody, are as follows:



I           CUSTODY


A.        The parties agree to have joint legal custody of minor child __________________ (Name of child) born __________ (Child's birth date).  __________________ (Father or Mother) will be the primary residential parent and will have physical possession of the minor child at all times subject to _____________ (Father or Mother) having physical possession on the schedule of Paragraph B.


B.        The parties agree to the following schedule for the non-primary residential parent to have possession of the child:


1. _________________________________________________ (Delineate schedule).


2. __________ (Father or Mother) will have physical possession of the child on alternate legal holidays as set forth herein:

Holiday                                              Even No. Years     Odd No. Years

(Father or Mother)             (Father or Mother)


New Year’s Day                               __________                         __________

Martin Luther King Day __________                         __________

Presidents’ Day                                __________                         __________

Easter                                 __________                         __________

Memorial Day                   __________                         __________

Fourth of July                   __________                         __________

Labor Day                                         __________                         __________

Veterans Day                    __________                         __________

Thanksgiving                   __________                         __________

Christmas Eve                   __________                         __________

Christmas Day                  __________                         __________

Child’s Birthday                               __________                         __________


3. Father will have physical possession of the child every Father’s Day.


4. Mother will have physical possession of the child every Mother’s Day.


5. The parent not having primary physical residence of the child will have physical possession of the child for two one-week periods each year during the child's summer vacation. hat parent will give the parent having the child's primary physical residence written notice on or before __________ (Date), each year as to the specific dates for summer visitation.


C. Both Father and Mother will use their best efforts to foster the respect, love and affection of the child towards each parent and will cooperate fully in implementing a relationship with the child that will give that child the maximum feeling of security possible.  The parties will further cooperate fully in implementing the visitation and vacation programs set forth in this agreement to accommodate the child's social and school commitments.


D. Both Father and Mother will keep each other informed as to the exact place where each of them resides, the telephone numbers of their residences, their places of employment, the telephone numbers of their places of employment and if either party travels out-of-town for any extended period of time, then that party will notify the other of his or her destination and provide a telephone number where he or she can be reached.


E. Each party will advise the other of any serious illness or injury suffered by the child as soon as possible after learning of it; each party will direct all doctors involved in the care and treatment of the child to give to the other party all information regarding any illness or injury if requested by the other party.


F. The parent having the child’s primary physical residence must advise the other parent of which elementary and high schools the child will attend. The residential parent will have the right to make any final decisions with respect to the decision of which school the child will attend.


G. The parties, by written agreement, will have the right to alter, modify and otherwise arrange for other specific visitation periods that those shown above, and on such terms and conditions as are conducive to the best interests and welfare of the child. In the event a visitation period is made unavailable by virtue of serious illness or injury of the child, the parties will cooperate to implement a reasonable substitute visitation period, bearing in mind the best interests of the child.


H. If the child becomes seriously ill or injured during the time they are with the nonresidential parent during exercise of that parent’s visitation period, that parent must notify the residential parent as soon as possible.  Nonresidential parent will give residential parent the details of the illness or injury and the name and telephone number of the attending physician, if any.


I. The child may contact either parent at any time he or she desires.





The parties agree that in the event that a dispute arises over any terms and conditions of this agreement, except for the issue of child support, the parties will submit said dispute to a mediator for resolution prior to filing any pleading with the court.  Both parties agree that the mediator will become a witness to any such future proceedings, and make whatever report the mediator deems appropriate to the court.  Both parties waive any confidentiality with reference to said mediator, and the mediator will be permitted, on appropriate petition, to testify in any court proceeding as a witness concerning any dispute between the parties.


In the event a dispute arises by and between the parties, the parties will select a mediator.  If they cannot agree on a mediator, a judge from the court with jurisdiction over this matter will appoint one or that mediators successor, as the case may be.





A. The parties have considered seriously the previously delineated legal and physical custody and visitation provisions, determining that they are in the child's best interests. The parties recognize that the custody provisions and visitation schedule as provided in this agreement may require future adjustments and changes to reflect the child's best interests in the future in light of the child's age and in light of either parent’s future work or school schedule.  This joint parenting agreement will be reviewed by the parties on an annual basis on the anniversary of its entry as a court order to determine whether the provisions continue to successfully meet the needs and requirements of the child and the parents, and to determine whether alternative arrangements might better suit future circumstances.  The parties may review this joint parenting agreement if required by changed circumstances at any appropriate time.


B. Either parent who wishes to subsequently modify the terms of this joint parenting agreement must submit the proposed modification to the other parent in writing and the parties will consult among themselves first before any mediation or court action is taken.


The parties to this agreement on behalf of their minor child respectfully submit the foregoing joint parenting agreement for this courts approval and incorporation in the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage that may be entered in the pending proceeding.




_____________________________________                      ___________________

Signature                                                                                                           Date



_____________________________________                      ___________________

Signature                                                                                                           Date

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