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This Agreement is made this _______ day of _____, (Year) between _______________ as ("Principal") and ________________ as Real Estate Broker ("Broker").


Whereas, the Principal is the owner of real property with a post office address of _________________________________ (the "Property");


Whereas, the Principal desires to employ the Broker for, and the Broker is willing to act for the Principal in, selling the Property.  Now therefore, in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises contained herein, it is agreed as follows:


1.  The Principal shall employ the Broker as his exclusive agent to sell the Property for $__________ and upon the other terms and conditions contained herein.


2.  The Broker accepts the appointment and shall use his best efforts to procure a ready, willing and able buyer of the Property in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


3.  The Principal shall refer all prospective purchasers of the Property to the Broker.


4.  The Principal shall pay the Broker a fee of ______% of the purchase price accepted by the Principal if (a) the Broker procures a buyer ready, willing and able to purchase the Property upon the terms contained in this Agreement or upon other terms acceptable to the Principal; or (b) If the Property is purchased by anyone who was introduced to the Property by the Broker during the time of this Agreement, or any extension thereof, is in full force and effect; or (c) during the term of this Agreement, the Property is sold.


5.  This Agreement shall commence on __________________, (Year) and terminate on ________________________.  Time is of the essence. 


Signed under seal this ________ day of _______, (Year).



___________________________                                __________________________

Broker                                                                           Principal


By: ________________________



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