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(TYPE 2)


BE IT KNOWN THAT, ________________________________ (Assignor) for valued consideration agrees and hereby assigns to ___________________________ (Assignee) all of ____________________________ (Assignor) remaining rights in a certain lease made by ________________________ (Assignor) and ___________________________ (Landlord) for premises described as __________________________________________ pursuant to the lease dated _________________________ (Month & Day), ___________ (Year).  Assignee agrees to fully perform all of _________________________________ (Assignor) obligations under said Lease after delivery of possession thereto.


Pursuant to said assignment, ____________________________ (Assignor) agrees and shall deliver possession of the leased premises to _____________________________ (Assignee) no later than _________________________ (Month & Day), ________ (Year).


Pursuant to said assignment between _______________________________ (Assignor) and _____________________ (Assignee), ____________________ (Landlord) hereby consents to said lease assignment.


All parties acknowledge said lease to be in good standing and in full force without modification.  This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns, personal agents, and representatives.


Date:  ___________________



______________________    ______________________    ______________________

Tenant                          Landlord                                  Witness

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