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Date:  _____________________


________________________ (Landlord) and ______________________ (Tenant) agree to extend lease on said premises known as ______________________________ (Address), original lease dated ______________________ (Date).


For good consideration ________________________________________ (Landlord) and __________________________ (Tenant) agree to extend the said lease term for a period of _____________ years, starting date ______________________ (Date) and terminating ______________________ (Date).  The parties agree that no further right of renewal or extension shall exist beyond termination date indicated above.


During the lease extension period, ______________________ (Tenant) agrees to pay rent of ___________________ ($_______) per annum, at an amount of _________________ ($_____) per month in advance.  Other terms modified by this lease extension agreement include the following (Describe):  ___________________________________________.


All other lease terms shall remain unchanged and continue during the lease extension period as is set forth herein.


This agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns, personal agents and representatives.



______________________    ______________________    ________________________

Landlord                                  Tenant                          Witness

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